Women Paying it Forward

Last Sunday I went to a soulful gathering for my granddaughter. It was unusual because in our culture - lacking a Bat Mitzvah or a Quinceañera - there seems to be no tradition that formally launches a young woman. More importantly there is no occasion on which she is held in the circle of the women who form her safety net. Although the Padrinas may stand ready, the young woman may not think of them in that light. My daughters changed this for their daughter. On that lovely, late-summer afternoon we met in a quiet corner of a restaurant and told my granddaughter that we were there for her. We had all premeditated the formal words we would say to her and presented those words verbally and in writing. We expressed our joy in her … [Read More...]

Life, Love and Parenting

Our Children

This is a post from 2010 that I am re-posting. I wish I had known then what I know now. To my dear children: My friend got my attention yesterday when she said that parents forget that there are no guarantees of long life. Although, at a certain age we comprehend our own mortality, we […]

Parenting is Forever

I sometimes bring this letter forward from my archives because there seem to be a lot of people searching for letters to write to their own children.  Originally post March 29, 2011. Dear Child of Mine, Many of my thoughts of parenting represent hope for a better yesterday. I was inspired by watching Maya Angelou […]


Losing a Friend

“Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness… Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise…“ Psalms 100 I am not a memory keeper. I look to others in my life to save the details of my history – to rehash and relish silly […]

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Welcome to My World of Letters

Many of you are looking for a specific letter for ideas to help you write to someone you love. You are welcome to take what you need from this site for your personal use. But here’s the deal. You can do it yourself.  Go to the top of the main blog page or click here […]

Loving…no matter what…

I sometimes bring this letter forward from my archives because there seem to be a lot of people searching for letters to write to their own children. Dear Children, I am think of unconditional love today.  Of what it really means. I love you.  Without qualifying conditions. You needn’t earn my love.  It is a […]

Happy 21

This is a post brought forward from the past because so many of you are looking for those birthday letters. Dear Granddaughter, The Facebook posts and emails are flying. It is a celebration of you. Our son can’t believe he is the father of a 21-year-old. Your mother is remembering driving you home from the […]

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You Might Want to Know…

Measuring Up

I love a purpose. I want to feel as if what I do makes a difference. That said…sometimes it’s difficult not to be intimidated by the accomplishments of others. I forget that smiling at someone on the street may be the most important thing I do in a day. Or fixing a healthy meal for […]

Look on the Bright Side

Hmmm…not so much, huh? I know there are times I seem unfeeling and inattentive. Part of it is my personality. Who wants to go to those bad feelings anyway? More often, though, I think it is a combination of experience and a narrowing window of time. Do you notice that in older people? They are […]


Buddhism’s precepts and concepts come up a lot in my thinking. I listen and learn a lot but it takes real life to bring it home, doesn’t it? Attachment to outcome and its accompanying suffering, for example… I have viewed and reviewed various aspects of attachment and have come up with a workable belief system […]

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