You Are With Me.

Last week as I was rowing on the lake I thought of you.  Do you know that intense yearning to share wonderful experiences with the ones you love?

It is hard to describe the beauty of the lake as I skim over the smooth water and get in the rhythm of the row.  The hills, which rise steeply from the lake, are a lush spring green.   They are dotted with dark oaks and punctuated by a tall pine here and there.  The lake is quiet in the early hours, the hush broken only by the rowers’ voices in the distance.  An occasional small fish jumps.

Ethereal clouds cushion the tops of the southern hills giving them a tropical feel. The Northern hills are becoming golden from warm sun and the lack of rain . Now the rising sun colors them and paints a gilt tip on the grasses.   One scraggly tree is host to a bald eagle.

My “small boat” coach despairs of me because I am clearly not a budding racer.  Instead of timing myself to the turnaround I become mesmerized by the cadence of rowing and the cocoon of nature.   My boat slows nearly to standstill. I enjoy peace.

The coach circles around to spur me on.  The prevalent sound becomes the swish of oars breaking the water and rushing by me from front to back.  My rowing is like meditation, a time to count blessings.  I am happy to be fit and capable of rowing.

You are in my thoughts. My life is better if you have a great life, too.  Stay active and healthy, my love. Remember all of the wonderful things in life.  Be ready, be willing.

Wherever I am, you are with me.


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