I believe in Louise

I have profound faith.  My faith is soft pillow, an impenetrable armor, a protective umbrella, a comforting fire, a refreshing breeze…

Naming it is the problem.  My aversion to the connotations of words is a barricade.  God, the universe, the field, the light, Allah, Higher Power?  Isn’t it like trying to come up with a palatable name for a “significant other”? Some words seem out of kilter, some pretentious and some so loaded with baggage that I can scarcely say them aloud in company.

By naming my faith I fear being grouped  and assigned a platform I can’t embrace. Maybe it’s from being raised in a fundamentalist church.  Maybe it’s from listening to my friends more “woo woo”  than I and not “getting it”.  Maybe it’s from having such a closed and judgmental mind that it doesn’t bear close examination.  Don’t know why…but I know it’s true.

Yesterday I was listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer as I was traveling.  I can’t give you the quote but I can tell you the substance.  His point was that a name is not important.  He calls it “the source”.  We can call it God, Allah, Buddha, Jehovah, Louise…

Louise!  I like Louise.   At last I can paraphrase my Dad, “Louise bless us all”.



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