A Time for Grief

I haven’t talked about losing my sisters. Maybe I’m not ready.

Still, it has its effect on you because I am emotionally busy.  I am thinking, I am coping, and floundering a bit.

Loss hits me this way:  The ground begins shifting, leaving gaping holes that I may fall into. I inch carefully so that I can move through my day without losing the flow. At times, I follow my thoughts and walk into a cloud of memories, some sweet and comforting, others that fill me with such deep regret that they drop me into a cloud of grief. I can’t see my way.

I can avoid this, but I think its better to sink into the morass of sadness and fear. Is there any way out but to walk through? No.  That’s one thing I know from experience – if I skirt around it or skip across its surface, it will catch me up later.  Grief is a living, breathing mass that can suffocate me, snag me unawares, and carry me away.  It demands my attention.

Better to deal with it when I have this time of grace.  I’ll be back, but I may be different


One comment

  1. So sorry about the loss of your sisters. Like you, I now realize that it’s better to surrender to the journey of grief than to skirt around you. Blessings and much grace to you.


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