Welcome home, Grandson

It’s so nice to have you home.   I am glad to see the fine man you are becoming.

I love your gentle heart.  I see this crusty exterior that shields an irresistible soft and sweet center.  Have you ever had a chocolate covered cherry?  That’s what I mean.  I believe you feel things very deeply but you are good at deflecting inquiry into your heart and soul. It may seem that you are insensitive.  Nothing is further from the truth as I see it.  this is why you are a child magnet.  Children have a way of divining the true nature of the people around them.  Your little friends trust you implicitly.

Maybe it is because of your seemingly limitless patience.  You are Mr. Mellow (until you finally lose it).  That’s another lesson I can learn from you.  Where do you go in your mind when you have to wait or tolerate or abide?  I wish I knew so that I could follow you into what appears to be a peaceful realm.

One of the great things I admire is your mind. You remind me of your Uncle when he was growing up.  He didn’t always think or respond in conventional (to whom?) ways and so many times he didn’t slip easily into the system.  But he is one of the best and the brightest…as are you.  As a child you had the ability to concentrate, to think out, and to build imaginative Lego objects.  You were way ahead of your age with that and now you have carried that talent to electronics.

And your brain…where did you get that great big thing?  When you find something that interests you it carries you away.  Who else who has listened to and digested so much information and considered it to be entertainment?  When I watch you puzzling at a problem, I know that you will quietly come up with an answer. Sometimes struggle with schoolwork but when you HAVE to knuckle down you catch up and thrive.  That has been a hard lesson for me.  I still struggle with doing what I HAVE to do without bogging myself down and leaving no time nor energy for what I WANT to do.  I hope you learn that one earlier than I have.

I am sorry that your athletic and physical talents have been shelved for a bit.  It will be great when you can have your knees taken care of so that you can continue your active physical life. You have so much native talent in golf that I hope we can do more of that together.  It is never too late to be a good golfer…especially when you have that natural swing! Although you are mesmerized by television and electronics, you have always needed those spurts of intense activity in between your reading, viewing and tinkering.  Maybe now that you are back maybe you can get your Ya-Yas out with biking.

Welcome back.  You have not only been a survivor, you have grown and flourished.

I love you this much……………………………………………………………………to infinity and beyond.

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