Dear Daughter.

I want to write this BEFORE you hear about your position. For me, who you are and what you are doesn’t depend on what you do for a living.  But since we are speaking of that…

Is there nothing you can’t do?  No, there is nothing you can’t do.  So whether or not you get this job may affect you for the short-term, but it certainly won’t change your trajectory of personal success.

You are a thoughtful parent, a gourmet cook, an accomplished designer and carpenter, an award-winning teacher, a writer, an organizer, an entrepreneur, and the list goes on.  So is this job your dream for now?  Does it get you where you want to be?  If so, I hope it is yours.

But keep dreaming, my love.  Watching your innovation and determination through the years has been such a trip for me.  From the time you gave your speech at graduation to the time you tore out your bathroom floor, I have been in awe of your capabilities.

When I sat in your classroom at the University I had that chest swelling moment of realization that you were way beyond me.  Your poise, your knowledge and your ease of delivery captivated your students, your 6-year-old nephew and me.

As my lifelong “self-expression” teacher you have nudged me, guided me, edited my writing and challenged my thinking.

As my daughter and my firstborn, you have been my dream come true.

You are fine!



  1. If more moms could say to their daughters “You are fine!” without a caveat, a hidden agenda, or a specific accomplishment in mind, the world would be a better place. I’m sure my mother thought it. I wish she could have said it.


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