Sex Talk with Grammy

Dear Grandchildren.

Okay. I’m still on my high horse about this and may need to ride it for a bit. You know that I can stay on a subject long after your interest has waned. My bad! And I must have my say…

This whole sexual innuendo thing is bugging me a bunch.

I think the play last night was a metaphor for life. The Boy Scout’s obvious (but not mentioned) problem with the erection was clever and funny and all good. We knew the play was rated PG-13 when we went in. The scene added depth to the character. Sexual innuendo in a play, movie or TV show brings a lot of laughs. After all, each of us has these urges, thoughts and feelings.

But the song as an “Ode to his Erection” was over the top for me.  That song took it to real life and when the discussion spills over into real life it becomes an irritant.  Suddenly the Boy Scout was no longer in the play, he was talking to US. Did we want to hear it?  Not really!

So then these crude comments spill over into our  personal conversation at intermission. After all, if it was cute and funny on the stage, it must be funny over dessert. NOT!

We girls don’t usually hear sex talk in public as our “love language”. We can talk sex with our partners, our girlfriends and our trusted mentors; but do we want to talk about it in mixed groups? Of casual friends? Of strangers? I think not. It gives us that squirmy feeling that we don’t have the nerve to vocalize.

And guys…let’s be real! Do you think it impresses the girls? Do you think it will make someone admire you? Feel comfortable with you? Trust you as a friend? Want to spend time with you alone? Again, I think not!

Go over in the corner. Hoot with the guys. Punch each other; roll your eyes, laugh, snort and have a good time. Just be careful that no girl is walking by at the time. It will be disastrous for your image as a “Babe”. *

Girls, maybe it’s time to say, “Knock it off!”

Guys, here’s love language, “Hey, knock it off!”

xxoo  Grammy

P. S. *If someone complains about sexual conduct or conversation at school, it might get you suspended. When you are older and on the job, it can get you fired or even sued.

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