Dear Granddaughter,

I am thrilled for you.

I’ve known women twice your age who couldn’t handle this situation: To run into your boyfriend, who hooked up with your best friend behind your back, to see them together on your second night home, and to handle it with dignity and grace.  Good on you!

Buckets of tears, oceans of self-doubt, and a red sea of anger have led to healing instead of bitterness. Through months of heartbreak and misery you have grown and held on to your core self.  You are victorious.

I wish you could bottle this sense of strength and courage that you feel and open it when the next challenge comes.  But then, you don’t need a bottle.  It’s inside of you.  That’s what survival is…an object lesson in what we can live through.  We can be injured without being damaged because no bad feeling lasts forever if we let it go.

Smile, and stand tall, my love.  You are a young woman who can truly be proud.

You rock, girl!


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