The time will come…

Dear Son.

I miss you.

Oh, I know, I’ve seen you often recently.

But I miss you.

Our lives are busy and we each have a different focus right now.  Your time and energy is spent with your family, your job and your life.  My time and energy is spent living my own life.

I still miss you.

We’ve had many lively conversations through the years.  Sometimes they are deep and philosophical; other times, personal and profound.  Always it is a treasure to have moments of rapport slipped into the rush of daily life.

We can’t call forth such magic.  If it were possible I would wave my wand and make it so.

Soon, (I hope) we will be alone in comfy chairs with no stressful thoughts impinging.  We will each feeling open and communicative at exactly the same time.  Or one of us will call the other and we will have the leisure time to talk about subjects that are important and dear instead of utilitarian and necessary.

It’s hard to predict.  It never follows the question “do you have a minute”?  Instead a subject takes hold between us and rides our thoughts and feelings back and forth on current that expands our hearts and minds.

I love that feeling.  I love those times.  I love you.

And I miss you…


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