Honest Questions

Dear Nephew,

I sent you a letter yesterday but it came from my fingers, not from my heart.

Nothing changes how much I love and care about you.   I want to see you and communicate but I can’t seem to go forward. When I first got the news I went into a “dead zone” of disbelief and grief.  Maybe I’m still there.

I have read and re-read your letter but it doesn’t give me insight. You seem to have adjusted to the circumstances but I must admit that I have not.   My mind is still whirling with questions.  What happened?  Why did you do it?  Is it the first time?  Are you sorry?

I am stunned for your children.  At their age they struggle to realize their own identity and place in the world.  This world, as they have known it is shattered. They wend their way through a naturally difficult time in their lives with a portion of their life compass in disrepair.  I want to help but I am paralyzed with uncertainty.

Can you write to me about this?  Can you tell me how they REALLY are?  Have you talked with them about how they feel and how they are dealing?

I want to be on solid ground with you and your family.  I will do whatever I can do to help.  Can you help me?  What would you tell your Mom or your Grandpa if they were here?  Talk to me.  I’m listening.


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