Almost a Friend

I met her several years ago.  In consecutive summers we rafted on a wild and scenic river with a group of women.  The trips and the women were memorable.  Between breathtaking rapids were relaxing floats in sunshine and rippling water.  In the evenings there were long talks fueled by tall drinks and a crackling campfire. It was the perfect incubator for budding friendships.

Her daughter is just older  my granddaughter who was visiting later that summer.  Generously, they shared tickets and we all went to  a local “Idol” event.   It was thrilling for my granddaughter.

We saw each other again when planning some event, which I can’t remember, and then once more at a shower for the two children she and her husband adopted.

We didn’t build a stronger or deeper relationship.  Our lives are very different and our paths don’t cross very often.

We have each had some health issues over the past few years but haven’t contacted each other.  No harm, no foul.  We don’t have that sort of connection.

But I value her as a person and appreciate the way she moves through the world.   I saw her yesterday.  All of the good thoughts and feelings flooded through me.

Every communication between us is honest.  When we look at each other we see each other.  There is a link between us that transcends the years between our ages and our visits.  It stays true in the shortest conversation and I’m sure would hold us together for the strongest of friendships.

It probably won’t happen.  Life will go on as it has with each of us busy in our own sphere.   But it feels good knowing she is out there…


One comment

  1. People like that come along so seldomly in life. Go out to lunch once in awhile – I’m sure you will find it to be worth it!


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