Life Purpose

Our morning walk is always an adventure.  We have a lovely walking/biking path through woods that bloom with wildflowers in spring, blackberries in summer and every color of leaves and branches in the fall. There isn’t a morning that we don’t have some spectacular view of wildlife or landscape.  The birds vary from tiny finches to turkey buzzards and include the geese and ducks that land on a pond along the way.

One of the pleasures is a large creek, which crisscrosses our path and sometimes runs along it.    “The salmon are running upstream,” we heard as we started this morning.

I don’t know much about salmon.  I have eaten my share, thrilled to see them jump in the rivers, and even caught one many years ago.  I certainly didn’t know that they spawned in this creek that wends its way through the valley.

We followed a side path down to the water and were within a few feet.  I am in awe of them.

I wonder what their life really is…do they make plans when they leave that they will return with a friend?  Do they stay in the same school with that friend throughout their life, bonding and basking in the warmth of togetherness and the sight of each other?

Or is it a glorious single life in which they glide down the waterway to the ocean, swim joyfully and unreservedly through the blue sea enjoying the shafts of sunlight that pierce the water? Do they figuratively float on their backs and paddle through their days enjoying each moment as it is?  Or is their pursuit of life and livelihood enough to give contentment to their lives.  Is dodging their predators all the excitement they need to give an edge to their existence?

And so do they make the journey back as lifelong friends, encouraging each other when the river is hard to navigate and the path through the rocks seems ill defined and too narrow for passage? Or do they team up with strangers to accomplish their purpose?   Maybe they don’t need anyone and know exactly what to do and how to do it.

Do they know the hour and the day that is their destiny, or can they tarry longer in the deep water enjoying extra minutes of fine feeding and free swimming?

Still, I recognize that these powerful creatures know their life goal.  They are born with an inner compass that leads them through life and back to accomplish their purpose.  They have no doubt about where they are going or why.  There is no obstacle that will distract them if it is within their power to surmount it.

I’ll take some of that!


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