I’m not disorganized, I have a lot to do!

Contrary to my husband’s core belief, I do not leave everything until the last minute.  He just doesn’t realize how many unforeseen things come up before company arrives or a flight leaves…or even before we leave for the movie.

The simplest things that make me late are immediate: I need to turn off all burners; put all food in the refrigerator; and check to see that the automatic sprinklers are set properly.

When company is coming it’s a bit more complex.  When I make the spare bed I notice the dust bunnies under it.  (Last week I was embarrassed by NOT having noticed the dust bunnies under a chair!)  Setting out the guest towels I notice that the plants haven’t been watered.  And when I am finding the pillowcases, I may as well iron all of the spare ones so I don’t have to do it the next time.

Even dinner guests can open the Fibber McGee’s Closet of last minute tasks.  The good flatware drawer is way too disorganized and there are crumbs under the drawer liner.  Getting the serving dishes down I remember that I haven’t written a note to the kids about Great Grandmother’s sugar bowl.   I forgot that I put the tablecloth away without ironing it, (knowing that it would be wrinkled with folds when I wanted to use it).

My husband hates that last minute flurry when the mop is still in the middle of the floor when the doorbell rings.  But I can relax knowing that if anyone goes to the bathroom and looks in the guest shower they won’t find a ring under the shampoo bottle.

When I am leaving for a trip I can tear apart the entire house.  Days of critical tasks are unwieldy to fit into the last 24 hours before lift-off.

1)    When I sit at my desk to pay necessary bills there is a HUGE stack of visa receipts to be reconciled and filed.
2)    When I look for my travel hair dryer I find a storage box of travel shampoos; old Q-tips, stray hairpins and cotton balls that must be sorted and allotted to the proper places in this not-so-new-house.
3)    It is important to leave the bathroom sink clean and organize my vanity so that if the plane goes down my family doesn’t think I am totally skanky.
4)    When I find my cashmere sweater I am reminded to go to the pantry, retrieve the dried lavender and find some small mesh bags to hang in the closet for the winter.
5)    There are 2 pony packs of Irish Moss and a nectarine tree that need to be planted before I leave because it might rain while I’m gone.  Rain will give them a good start.
6)    We’re going to a dinner party tonight so I should fix one little extra thing to help the hostess.
7)    The Dia de los Muertos altar needs to be packed away.
8)    We are out of birdseed.
9)    Etc.

Oh well.  I have almost decided what to take.  I’ll find my suitcase in the garage before I leave for my walk.  I only have three appointments before the dinner party.  We don’t have to leave the house until 4:15 tomorrow morning.  And I will have gotten more done in the last two days than I have in the last two weeks.  Cool!

Maybe he can wear a sleeping mask and earplugs while I am searching for my underwear and zipping my suitcase at 3:00 a.m.


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