Writer’s Block

I will do anything not to write.

Lists for later
Brain games
Check email
Play Farmville
Read 1930s romance novels
Take long baths

Well, I can’t do some things because I can’t get around all that well.  (Bad knee.)

Since I can’t take a walk with my friends, cook a gourmet meal, work out at the Y, iron the napkins, clean the dusty stairs or make the guest bed, I expect myself to go into my head and write.

I have started many a blog post.  None come together.  One day at a time they are no longer current.

I am sad to leave those ideas behind.  But they can’t seem to emerge from my whirling mind through my fingers to an organized and true expression.

Will I ever write again? I hope so.

I am posting this as mark of faith in myself.

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