Think Globally, Act Locally!

I’m struggling with this whole “global responsibility” thing. I struggle all year but  bog down during the Holidays.  Sometimes the sense of what I should do exhausts me and I fail to accomplish simple tasks.  I am worn down with preoccupation about children far away from me and don’t make it to the library to read to a child.  I worry about women in Afghanistan and don’t mentor a single mother down the street.

I saw my life-long best friend the other night.  She was my neighbor, my mentor, and my salvation in my early years marriage and children.  We reminisced about the nights when we would get together for a quick cup of coffee after our kids and husbands were in bed. Suddenly we would hear birds singing and realize we had spent the whole night solving the ills of the world.

There were many days when I left my housework and crossed the street with a child on each hip to spend a few minutes in real talk. We would feed and change kids on demand, and then suddenly hear the distinctive motor of her husband’s car approaching after work.  I would dash back across the street to start dinner, a batch of wash and the round up of toys.  In those days I had energy to catch up when I was behind and stay up when I was out of time.

My friend and I spent many hours in deep discussions.  She “grew me up” as a wife, parent and member of society.  Our families were our jobs, but we were passionate about solving world issues.  She had and still has a heightened sense of responsibility everyone and everything.  I felt responsible then, but in those days believed that awareness of problems and thinking of solutions created a clear path to a better world.

I’m not so naïve now.  And perhaps I should take a tip from my younger self.  I’ll make sure that I am informed and aware, but turn off the “responsibility” button in my brain that keeps me in a state of unrest over the world problems. In the time I save I can be more focused about my mission in life and actually DO something about a few things that are close to my heart. I’ll trust someone else to help carry the load.

Right now, I’m going email a couple of my grandkids.  We’ll go to Wal-Mart and buy some coats and hats and warm PJs for the Wish Tree.  (We won’t forget the toys!)


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