Mother of the Day

Dear Daughter-in-Law,

This is a Mother’s Day of rejoicing.

I have five daughters: two by fortunate birth and three more by choice.   I am grateful to each of you for mothering my grandchildren. I toast you as precious women whose courage, tenacity and steadfast commitment to raising admirable young people I recognize and appreciate.

You all don’t just love; you study and work at being fair, at teaching life lessons, at fostering independence when possible and protecting when necessary.  Each of you use your many talents to volunteer as mentors, as coaches, as artistic directors and art teachers.  You make provision for nutritional food on the table, safe rides to activities, enriching trips, chaperones at events and leaders for all manner of groups and outings.

And still you take time to listen, to cuddle, to correct and keep a watchful eye on the lives of children who aren’t always angelic and exemplary. My grandchildren are normal. Sandwiched among their times of great accomplishment are moments of  being rebellious, manic, needy, cruel, recalcitrant, depressed and just plain bratty.   As a cohort of mothers we jointly savor the good times and feel the pain of the bad.

Like most families we are made up of heroic women. Who can count the times we have called the doctor by instinct, snatched a toddler from the street, used an arm as an additional seat belt or been in the right place at exactly the right time?  Occasionally someone shows a particular parenting brilliance and glory.  Today we are basking in the glow of such a flash.

So we send gratitude to you, our Mother of the Day:  the woman who knew she must act, was quick-thinking and confident in what needed to be done, and did not swerve in the resolve to save her child.

Happy Mother’s Day!

You have given us all a day of celebration.


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