A “Light” Heart

This morning I am reminded that the universe provides.

Several years ago I bought a decor magazine in the Milan airport to entertain me on my long flight home.  I couldn’t understand the descriptions but was mesmerized by a photo of a chandelier placed above a long dining room table.  It was crystals, crystals and more crystals.  All shapes, all sizes, and hanging at different levels reflecting the light from the small bulbs in the fixture.

I am never hampered by reality.  Although we lived in a rustic house in the woods, I tore the page from the magazine to place it in my file labelled “Decor Dreams.”

In the midst of remodeling a vintage house a few years later, I drove down the main street of our small northwestern city and “Ecco“!

In Feng Shui crystals are used to change the energy in a home.  This morning my crystals worked for me.  At exactly the right moment the sun came through the front window as I was turning toward my dining room.  My  dream chandelier sent hundreds of rainbow lights dancing against the wall.

I begin my day with gratitude.



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