Happy New Year

A blast from the past that never seems to change…

I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions.  Actually, I may be physically, mentally and emotionally incapable of sweeping changes in my life.  Although I’m a “big picture” person, I still need to make all improvements and adjustments to myself in teeny tiny increments.

Making the resolutions might be easy, but failing to keep them would exacerbate the self-flagellation I am prone to at bedtime.  I didn’t…I meant to…Oh no, I forgot…and I wasn’t a very good person, either…

By morning I have reconciled myself to my own reality. There is time for quiet contemplation when I wake and life seems manageable in the stillness.  Anything is possible.   I can set a new intention with gentleness and assurance.

After all, I always want to be more productive, kind, lighthearted, grateful, soulful and thin.

So I prefer daily tune-ups. Or even weekly overhauls.  I know, I know! There will always be mornings when I wake with a start, knowing I am overbooked. Still, when I don’t do so well, I’m only a day away from improvement.  If I had to wait an entire year for my realignment I would fall into an abyss of bad behavior.

I’ll wake tomorrow and remind myself that each day begins a new year; that I don’t need resolve, I need mindfulness.  A day at a time should be manageable.

Haven’t I heard that somewhere?

Life Student



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