Joy in the Morning (reprise)

I am wakeful in the night but not worried or anxious.

Instead, I’m trying to recall what made me laugh.  I wish I could remember every word and replay it like a favorite movie.

I can’t, though. I only see faces and hear the comforting cacophony of conversation interspersed with howls of laughter.  Friends are smiling, attentive and expectant; waiting for the next subject that will shatter the quiet in the restaurant.

One friend adjusts her glasses after wiping tears from her eyes.  Another tends to double over with laughter, covering her mouth in disbelief.  Still another tries to lower her naturally booming voice as she tells the story of a giant penis on the screen of her computer that appeared when she was meeting with clients…(dratted grandkids).

There’s the deadpan woman whose twinkling eyes are magnified by her thick lenses as she regales us with one-liners.  She’s hilarious because we know her back story and can keep up with every nuance.  Her running dialog is often punctuated with quips from across the table, inserted by a friend with a quick wit and a mind for the double entendre.

On this particular day we talked about everything from canning fresh tuna, to reasons to stay married, to sexing baby chicks.  It was all amusing and entertaining.

And I can never remember the details.

When I recall the photos of myself with friends in Italy, I can see how I set the table but I don’t know what we were laughing at when the shutter clicked.  I simply bask in a warm ambience of indistinct memories.

And what was so damned funny at our girls’ getaway last fall, or the dinner party in the spring, or at the summer wedding of a friend?

Who knows?

Who cares?

I know that the joy of friends and laughter is a balm for all ills.  And I’m  grateful for the friends and the memories that chase away winter gloom and all thoughts of life’s difficulties.


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