My Heart and You

Sometimes I want to wrap you up and hold you safe in my heart.

Because when you make mistakes, you seem to see those mistakes as defining you.

Because I look at you and see an amazing woman, and you talk about yourself as if you aren’t enough.

Because you deserve the best that life can offer and you often settle for less.

If I knew how to bottle self-worth, I would be able to teach you to stand tall and move through life accepting the accolades along with the suffering.   I don’t have the recipe, tho.

But I know these things:

That we don’t need to be perfect, we just need to appreciate our lives and do our best to live them well.

That maturity and growth are achieved one tiny step at a time:  a good decision here, an act of kindness there, a moment of being a true friend, an awakening to accountability, and maybe an inkling now and then  that a moment of desire is not the same as our heart’s desire; and that instant gratification is often not enough.

That we become stronger in ourselves when we accept ourselves; when we look into our own eyes and,  for even an instant,  love who we see.

That our lives are better when we are courageous enough to adjust our actions to correlate with the core beliefs that guide our true purpose.

That those who really know you, love you as you are.

Consider yourself wrapped!


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