Oh, the places you’ll go….*

Dear Son,

That was a strange way for me to respond to your good news, wasn’t it?  I was being kind of silly and it didn’t come out well. Because it sounded as if I subscribe to the belief that who we are is defined by where we live.  And I don’t think I believe that.  I’m examining myself.

I believe that where we live is a circumstance.  Who we are is reality.

We define our home. Our home doesn’t define us.

I’m thinking back to the time when we moved “up” the hill into a larger and certainly more attractive home.  Although there were people who saw us differently, I don’t believe that we were different.

My values didn’t change.  My contentment with my life (or lack thereof) didn’t change.  I didn’t become smarter, more motivated, more generous, more educated, or more self-aware because of moving house.

I did see the difference in how we reacted to each other as a family when we had more space.  I met people I may never have gotten to know because of a new neighborhood.

Was I happier?  I don’t know.  Maybe I was more confident about having people over because there were more places to sit.  I had more latitude to create a gracious home and pretty yard.  Yet it didn’t give me better taste, or teach me social graces or change my choices in clothing or books or food.

All this is a lot of words to tell you that I believe that you are where you are because of who you are.  I will still grant you that it’s a long way from our first house to the Blair House.

But the young man you were isn’t far from the man you are.  The education,  the life experiences, the career, the honors, and the opportunities have come to you because you are and always have been worthy of them.  You have made it your job to work  toward being a better version of the person you always were.

And so I don’t believe it is good luck.  You have prepared yourself for the life you live and have been recognized as the man for the job.

I am excited and joyous for you and will continue to live vicariously through you.  I’m loving the journey!

*Oh! The Places You’ll Go!
by the incomparable Dr. Seuss

Today is your day.
You’re off to Great Places!
You’re off and away!


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