Easy Lifting

My daughter and I have decided to do something each day that feels uplifting.  No matter how heavy the load, busy the day, frustrating the list and overscheduled the calendar, we plan to take time for an emotional, physical or mental treatsie.

The first morning or two I lay in bed and tried to think, “What will I do today?”  Today it came naturally.  I’m finding it to be an exercise in mindfulness.

Working in my garden was a lesson.  Never mind the raspberry canes scratching my arms and the little spiders attaching themselves when I wasn’t looking.  It was wonderful because I remembered to stop when I was tired instead of forcing myself to finish the row, trim the last rosebush and pull the weeds from the path.  I have one little corner of one small section of my garden that is trimmed, mulched and beautiful.  Check!

Pausing to eat blackberries at the abandoned house along our walk was perfect.  I have been thinking the berries weren’t ready  and yet they were ripe and juicy, a special evening treat. Check!

And I realized this morning that any summer walk is invigorating if I take it while the air is still crisp or wait until the breeze has freshened the evening. Check!

As I worked at my computer I snagged 10 minutes to click on photos of my grandchildren and lurk on their Facebook pages. Check!

All of these things are available to me any day.  All I have to do is remember…

That working Sudoku puzzles is more fun in my hammock than on my couch…and rocking myself with my dragging foot somehow transports me to Mexico.

That sitting in the garden is the best when shadows are long.  I love the sound of the fountain whether I’m watching the birds or reading a book.  Twenty minutes is always possible.

A few minutes texting or calling someone I love connects me.

I’m happy just thinking of the possibilities.  It’s uplifting!





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