Just Funnin’

Damn!  I want to be fun.

Most of the blogs that I read are meaningful and the ones I love the most are amusing.  The bloggers concisely make their points with humor, packing a heavy punch with a light hand.

Damn!  I want to be like that.

Yet it seems that no matter what I try to write, I enter the zone of “thoughtiness” and intensity.  And that’s pretty much how I live my life.

Oh sure.  I smile, I snicker and sometimes I even laugh.  I love it when I do that.  But I don’t really know how to be fun.  Are people just born fun?  Do those clever and lighthearted people just let their minds cruise over the bumps and shake out the serious side like a flour sifter?  I know that they have deep thoughts.  I can identify the salient points of their conversation and/or writing.  It’s just that they do it in a witty and charismatic way.


See, here I am, all serious about being lighthearted.

Is it possible to work on the fun factor?  Should I watch the comedy channel rather than OWN?  Shall I read only Dave Barry and forget about Deepak Chopra?  (Does Deepak laugh other than at his little jokes about the “field”?  Hmm…)

I’m following the wrong gurus.

When I walk today, I’m not going to get warm fuzzies and soaring heart over the red and yellow trees.  I’m going to watch for the misspelled sign and laugh at the nuances of it.  Maybe I’ll download a laugh track and play it on my ITouch as I walk.  Can I get myself laughing by listening to laughter?  It works when I’m in a crowd.

I’m afraid that still won’t make me fun, tho.  It will just make me seem more weird.  I’m not sure being wacky is the same as being fun.

I know.  I’ll think of 10 funny things to say at dinner tonight.  They have to be funny without being hurtful. I don’t like that mean humor.

Did you hear about the one…Damn!  That’s the wrong one.  Did I ever tell you about when I…?

Is there a class on being fun?



    • Randall, you mean I have to develop another type of personality disorder? That sounds more like my type of thing!


  1. ok. I came here just to say that this made me laugh! But in answer to your question: yes. i think being funny is different than being fun. I think of *funny* as wit in the moment and *fun* as a willingness to go with the moment and embrace the unexpected.


  2. To give a more serious answer (to a fun post – it did make me smile), I think some people are just born “fun” and others have to work at it. Some of us are more fun with certain people than we are with others, because those people bring it out in us. I suspect that if you polled your family and friends, you’d get a whole variety of responses as to whether you are “fun” or how often you are, but seriously doubt you’ll find too much in the negative column.


    • You’re probably right. I think I’ll skip that poll, tho. Just for the sake of my psyche. I’ll just go back to work on being in the moment. Damn, I say, once again. Everything comes back to that, doesn’t it? xxoo


  3. Gee, I didn’t know you weren’t fun. Just goes to show, you can know someone for years and not really know them. Hmmm. Guess I shouldn’t run around with you any more. Gail

    Oh….just kidding!


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