…on being separated from children

(NOTE:  This is one of a series of requested letters that will be posted under “Form Letters”.  These are for those of you who would like an idea or a template for a letter of your own.)

To My Dear Child,

This separation is hard, isn’t it?  I want to be closer to you, both in geography and in spirit, so I think we are going to have to work on that.  I’ll keep trying to figure out how to live closer to you, and we’ll work together on the rest.

You know I love to talk with you every day, so I want to know your schedule.  When is the best time for me to call?  Would you like to call me sometimes?  If you would, I will figure out a way for that to happen.  Because if you have something to talk over with me, I want to hear it right then, if possible.  Maybe you can choose some of the “talk time” if we plan it right.

I love being your father and I want to know everything you are doing.  I want us to communicate often so that I can know about your days and your weeks in those times  I can’t be with you.  If I send you some envelopes do you think you could send me some of your school work?  I’d love to see how you are doing this year in class.  Who sits next to you?  What is your favorite subject?  Maybe we can do some work together by phone.

I’d like us to figure out a way to share our lives in some new ways.   The computer may be a way if your Mom and I can figure that out.

I know that it’s hard to feel that I am still a part of your life but nothing has changed my love for you.  All of those days when you are sad because I can’t be with you, I am sad, too.  Sometimes you may be angry at your Mom or me for all that has changed in our lives.  It’s okay to feel that way and it’s great if you can talk to me about it.  I may not be able to fix things, but I am always here to listen.  Your Mom and I both want the best for you.

My time with you is a memory I carry with me every day until we see each other again.  We are so many miles apart and yet I feel that you are always with me in my heart.  I know it isn’t the same, though.   It’s really hard when we can’t sit together, talking and telling stories.  I just look forward to the next time when we can walk and cycle together.

Remember how much I love you. At night, before I go to sleep, I look at each of your pictures and whisper “good night”.  Maybe if you do that to, we can have that special time together.


P.S. to readers.  I have no experience in this except by observation, so please chime in!

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