Day of the Dead

P1020446El Dia de Los Muertos is here again.

Since I last wrote about this holiday, we have had some crushing losses.  My dear friend lost her husband.  My grandson lost his dearest friend. Last year my brother-in-law died after long illness.  Sometimes a loss is a blessing. We are rejoicing for our long time friend and my client who was able to leave Alzheimer’s and a stroke behind in this world and go to the next.

My altar brings memories from my past; Miss Cranky in Scalea, Italy, and Elsie, who taught me to knit when my older son was in kindergarten.  I don’t have their pictures on my altar but they are in my thoughts.

El Dia de los Muertos is like that. It is a day of loving thoughts and unbidden memories.

Come what may, this is a joyous holiday for me. When my friends troop in bearing treasured photos and foods that their loved ones enjoyed, we all celebrate the lives of those whose spirits are joining us for the evening.



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