A Mother’s Wish

I am my co-dependent self today.  Maybe I should go to a meeting and right myself.

Because my children are gathering home I am a bundle of undeserved nerves.  What am I worrying about?  Why should I worry about it?  What will my worry solve.

Okay, I know all that.

But it’s been many years since we have all been together.  Our lives have separated.  Some of our individual experiences are incomprehensible to the other.  We have share a lot with each other and yet we have each traveled our separate paths of joys, griefs, difficulties, successes and life choices.  Our paths have not always intersected.

People change.  Lifestyles lead us into separate awareness.

Can we truly come together?  Is it possible that we will all look into each other’s eyes and see the deep love and affections that lies beneath the differences and dissensions?  Can we enter a space of group tolerance and acceptance that supersedes the conflicts and hurts of individuals? Can we be unconditional in our love for each other.


If we are capable of exploring the fissures in our protective facades and be the people we remember and love.  If we can surmount our fears and realize that we are a family of individuals who may not love perfectly but who love deeply. If we can celebrate the values we share and respect those that vary from our own.

My hope is for peace in this gathering.  My hope is that we will bring this great group of individuals and families together into a safe and loving place of joy and of thanksgiving for the blessings we share.

And my hope is that in the rare reunion, we build a new foundation of love and support for the trials and tribulations that we all face in our lives.  That we will renew the bonds that cradle us in our shared history so that we can move forward in confidence that we are all loved and cherished and important.

When I center myself, I find my faith in each one of us. We are caring individuals.  We don’t go out to injure or hurt.  From the youngest to the oldest, we each do our part to make the world a better place.  And so we can be trusted to create our own “better place”.

I have calmed myself with this certainty.



  1. I could have written this exact same story myself. And – here we are – gathered together…hoping that we’ll all find our way. Thank-you..and wishing you and yours a happy..happy!


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