My journey into the New Year

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”   Lao Tzu

Let this wonderful thought take me into the New Year.

Our culture teaches us that what we do is important.  Labels matter.  Our position, our education, our accomplishments are what jockey us into position for a rewarding life.  After all, isn’t success the best?

My brain and my words deny this theory.  Pshaw!  How can money make me happy? Stuff is an anchor.  It’s lonely at the top.  I realize that adulation of two people or of the masses is the way to my own destruction.

And yet the strong training creeps in.

I become proud of the decor in my home.  I swell with pride when someone acknowledges my good works.  I feel smashing and chic in my new coat.  My car shouldn’t be messy and dusty, it should be sparkling and clean.  And after all, I can be proud that it is a Prius.  I’M doing my bit!

There are so many ways to slipslide into the comfort of what I am and ignore who I am.

This is not a resolution.  This is a hope for myself that I wake with gratitude and mindfulness.  That I remember when I plan my day that how I think and how I act is more valuable in my journey than what I accomplish.

Success will be measured differently.  I will strive for understanding and compassion, for myself and others.

The Student

Originally published: My Life Class  December 31, 2011


  1. As I understandit, it is not a one-off exercise. Once you decide to do this, you start the journey through meditation and reflection and a time will come when you will succeed. And the journey is very enjoyable.


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