Family Tradition

I’m upholding the family tradition.  I’m saving three lids…in case.

I promise that I have made great strides in my quest to de-clutter my life.   I have been taking a tougher stance as I examine the things in my cupboards.

Recently I had a major setback in the streamlining of my life when my Dad’s wife moved out of her home.  To my husband’s surprise and dismay, I used my little red wagon to cart home box after box of her “memorable” possessions.   I stacked the smaller items  in the back of my kitchen.    The rescued rocking chairs and earth-toned rugs went into our shop, waiting for distribution.  I created chaos in our own home in my quest to spread these manifestations of  her love among the family who loved her.

The phone lines were buzzing as I called sisters, children, nieces and nephews with the list of memories they might want to have.

These aren’t just things, they’re bits of our past.  Those of us who lived within the hug of her acceptance will never see a Bauer dish,  a brown crock or a unique old basket without the past rushing over us like a warm bath.  Her home was a hodgepodge of color and comfort (held together with dust and cobwebs) that displayed what she cherished.

And it was time for change. She has settled into her life near her daughter and I have cleared my counters and floors of most of her treasures. The even allotment of her worldly goods even spurred me to pass on  some of the wonderful keepsakes that she had given me through the years.   Everyone and everything is in a good home.

Except three lids.

There is no real value here unless someone should need one of them.  Yet, if the lid to a precious piece is chipped or broken, any one these colored bits of pottery becomes priceless.  How can I throw them away?

This is evidence to me that I have retained a bit of the depression era mentality that was pervasive in my parental pod.

Does anyone need a lid?  Anyone?  Anyone?


Note:  This piece was created for and published by the website Vision and Verb (,  a global gathering of women of this age, on January 10, 2012.


  1. That photo looks like one of her cupboards – is it yours or hers? 🙂 This one made me smile, for in my own attempts to declutter, those items I received from her over the years are simply dusted and returned to their places. Someday, my sons will get some of them, but I figure if they’re there, they remind me of her, dust, cobwebs and all. Beautiful post.


  2. We just had a similar situation in my own family: 1 1/2 years after my granddad’s death, my grandmom has sold her house and moved into a small apartment in the city where my parents live. I wasn’t there to go through the whole process, but my mom kept me updated on how they organized and sorted all the things. It was a huge and difficult change for my grandmom because she could only take a fraction of her things with her. She gave me her old piano which my parents had repaired, and I played on it when I was home during the Christmas holidays. It’s so lovely to play on my grandmom’s piano! I have another (newer and actually also better) piano at home, but I’m going to sell it now and keep my grandmom’s piano. It has such a beautiful sound and holds so many memories. 🙂


  3. I need a lid for a beloved teapot. Maybe one will fit? Let’s talk. But how did you send this from Mexico? Do I need to fly down there to see if a lid fits?



    • With a few more pieces I could open a store…or build new cupboards. (Smile) Good idea, tho. I should get creative.


    • I’ve done that. Perhaps I could have an indicator lid in a prominent place so that people could know which way the lid is tipping>


  4. One of my “resolutions” for 2012 was to de-clutter my house, one shelf, drawer and cabinet at a time. To date, and it is already past the middle of January, I have de-cluttered NOTHING! So I loved your post. And I do understand about the lids…someone might be looking for just such a one right at this moment in time…maybe you can put a tracking device on them, so they can be located by the people who need them. 🙂


    • Hi Vivian, Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a lid clearinghouse? With the internet it would be possible:)


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