I just can’t help myself!

In reading blogs this a.m. (Hooray, I have internet), I pulled up Year-Struck.

She is always a delight, and this morning was not different.  In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I am writing with the only real purpose being to guide you to her wonderful commentary on increasing blog traffic, If you want to join the pantheon of the blog gods, the number one thing to remember is to make your post title short so search engines will have an easy way to find you; in other words, use key words, keep it simple, and don’t make it a complete sentence!!!

I have written my personal feelings on this a few months ago.  You can read that here.  As usual, we do what works for us.  I expressed my angst over the concept and she makes it witty and side-splitting.  It’s the touchy-feely version in juxtaposition to the LOL version.

Oh well, you know my thoughts on trying to be funny.  Lighthearted doesn’t come easily to me.  And it’s okay.  I have plenty of blogger friends to make me laugh.

If you’re a blogger…click on her post and howl.  If you aren’t a blogger…click on her post and see how cleverly Year-Stricken has made light of the advice that inundates a blogger’s  in-boxes.


P. S.  BTW, for the non-bloggers, the term “SEO” refers to “Search Engine Optimizer”.


  1. I didn’t know what SEO meant! Thank you for that. I saw you on a trackback of a post I just read – was curious. And I realise you’re a link back to it. Oh dear, it’s above my head how this is done!


    • Well, I can’t help you on that trackback part…I’m famous for knowing only what I need to know:) I do know that when I refer back to my own writings, I get a pingback, which I imagine is the same thing. Lots to learn, eh? Thanks for coming by.


    • Kath, I treasure your support. Isn’t if fun to have a place in the world where we can do exactly what we want? After all, the consequences are only our own:)


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