Mother Dearest

Kath, at My Funny Little Life, has awarded me The Liebster Blog.  It is such a sweet thought to be a little blog that is on a list of “favorites” to someone. (Kath told us that in German “Liebster” means dearest, or favorite.)  I hope you visit her because she is one of my favorites, too.

I liked her idea of acceptance and sharing: not only writing about the blogs that she is awarding, but also listing some of the things that give her joy.  I’m going to copycat on that one.

Here is my partial list of things that are dearest to me in life.  (I purposely don’t include people…the list would be too long.)

Water.  I love the sound of it; a fountain in the garden, a stream trickling by or ocean waves pounding the shore.

Music.  There isn’t much music that I don’t like.  Heavy Metal?  I’m not wild about the big band sound or Dixieland Jazz.  My favorite music genres are Opera (La Traviata is my top fave) and Blues/Gospel.  This doesn’t account for the times that I soothe myself with classical piano or flute…or dance my way through salsa…or fall in love all over again to romantic ballads.

Food:  I love to cook.  I love to eat what I cook.  I’m hard-pressed to choose favorites but southern Italian cuisine always grabs me.  I love good Chinese.  Sushi, YUM!  Chili

Chile Rellenos

Rellenos.   Or just give me fresh vegetables and a well-cooked piece of fish.  There you go, I love to eat.

Conversation:  I love intense, soulful, intellectual, examine-feelings-and-ideas-from-all-sides conversation.  I don’t mind if it’s a bit combative.  I don’t mind if it is emotional.  I can take sad, glad, or anything but just cocktail party chat.

Reading (or listening to recorded books):  I tend to read books on different philosophies (Buddhism, Taosim, Mind-over-Matterism,).  These are the books I own.  I love good fiction, too, although I am getting more and more wussy about it.  I don’t want to read suspense, violence, brutality, graphic sex or other books that may entertain…just not me.  I find myself before sleep reading early 20th century British romance authers.  A good D. E Stevenson doesn’t keep me awake beyond three pages and doesn’t give me nightmares.

Travel:  Not just anywhere.  There are countries that don’t intrigue me.  This might change if I met a person who lived there and their life seemed very different from mine.  I tend to visit the same countries over and over: 1. Mexico, 2. Greece, 3. Italy, 4. France.  There are other countries I love and other places I want to go.  Just say the word!

And then there are the blogs.  I’m passing the Leibster Award on to some of my favorites.

My first is T-Girl at Only Temporarily Insane.  She isn’t a prolific blogger.  Yet she is always thoughtful and something resonates with me each time I read a post.

Recently I discovered Slow Happy Runner and  J. M. Monohan.  Each of these women have something to say to me.  Slow Runner is working her way through the world as a widow.  J. M. is beginning another journey, that of a writer.

Rising on the Road has taken me along on her search for Finding Life in a Death, after losing her father.  She is writes the most poetic prose I have seen from a blogger who is not listed as a poet.

Wildly different is Ramana’s Musings, a blog which reflects its title perfectly.  It covers a variety of subjects and is a glimpse into a life so completely different from mine that it helps me remember that we are all the same.  Ramana is opinionated about politics, sentimental about family, and pragmatic about the direction his life has taken.

These favorite blogs of mine may take you on some interesting journeys with me.

Thank you, again, Kath, for the opportunity of letting my readers into the lives (isn’t that what blogging is about?) of those they may not have discovered on their own.



    • Hmm…I’m glad you like that description, Ramana. When I re-read it, I was a bit presumptuous, wasn’t I?


  1. Aww, thank you so much, this is lovely! Water, yes, absolutely! I love water – the sound when it’s running or dropping, the purity, the depth and clearness … One of my favorite mental (spiritual?) practices is trying to become like water myself. I’ve started with this as a coping mechanism for stress (some day, I thought it might be better not to fight against is but just let it go through me without resistance and then leave me again), but somehow I feel it’s more, like some kind of self-actualization or expressing my actual essence of quality. It’s hard to explain. I’m a water person, though. Not in the way that I love to be *in* the water (I’m not tooooooo fond of swimming … and I can’t do it anymore, with my wrecked elbow joint), but rather that I am like water from the inside. I like bubble baths, though. 😉

    Oh wow, I’m again spamming your blog with my blubb blubb … *blush* (But this tells you that I like you / your blog. Otherwise I don’t write comments like this so much.)



  2. Wow! Thanks! That is so cool! I’ve heard about it, but don’t know much. I’m definitely going to check out what that means now. 🙂 Give me a day or two and I will be passing it on.

    oh, p.s. I looked all over your blog for your name, couldn’t find it, so I guess that’s the way you want it? May I call you Mother? I love the name of your blog, by the way — In my head I can hear you (?) say that, and it makes me laugh!

    p.p.s. My other blog is a journey too, this one through…ahem…middle age. If you’re interested. 🙂


    • Hi Jeannette.

      Yes, I think it’s a cool award and Yes, I am Mother for the sake of this blog. And I have looked at your other blog and enjoy it, too.

      Have fun with this.


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