The Sea and I

As I walk along the beach day after day, I recognize that the ocean is much like my life.

It is a mysterious expanse that lies around me, behind me, ahead of me.  The designs it creates are unreadable.  It gives no clue to what is coming next.

It calms me with its rhythmic cadence and frightens me with its overwhelming strength.

It teaches me to be mindful, to watch for danger, and to be curious about the things that it shows me.

Precious things have been swept from my grasp by its terrible power. And then it becomes benevolent and presents me with cherished treasures.

Today I am on its tropical shores.  It bathes me in its warmth. Another day I will be in other places.   Its icy cold will shock me into awareness.

I must stay ready for it.  And yet, to be content, I must let it take me where I should go, without struggle.

Sunrise and sunset.  Beginnings and endings are each a part of my walk along the beach and through life.


This post was originally written for Vision and Verb, a Gathering of International Women and posted on January 31, 2012.


  1. While the one that I have given above is a volume of extracts, the original is a master piece, which if you have the time and inclination will be very inspiring.


  2. I grew up not far from the Baltic Sea, and now that I live quite far away, I miss it a lot. We have a river here, but what’s that in comparison to the Sea?

    I could listen to the Sea for hours. It calms my soul. I think the Sea can teach you everything you need to know about life, and more. Being at the Sea is like a spiritual practice, without effort. I like to take my shoes off and walk along the shore, with the waves embracing my ankles as they come and go.


  3. When I was a child and then a teenager, I used to live on the island of Crete, and the sea was right down the street. “It calms me with its rhythmic cadence and frightens me with its overwhelming strength.” This resonates with me. When the waves came in strong I would be out trying to catch them, but every once in a while one would catch me instead as a reminder.


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