Settling Down

snoopy, hula hoop
Courtesy of photofunky

I get so many good ideas from Deepak Chopras guided mediations.

This morning I listened to one on stress.  David Ji discusses stress as our concern about getting our needs met.  Duh!  Never thought of it that way.

I’m no different than most women.  Stress is a constant struggle. Sometimes I wonder if I create it for myself.

And, why do I wonder?  I know that to be absolutely true.  I create a hula hoop of stress.  Much of it is an actual choice for me.  I constantly feel over-responsible, try to do more than can possibly fit into a time slot, make myself late by adding tasks at the last minute… and the hula hoop keeps slipping…

Yet I never thought of stress as a worry about my needs being met.  And I never realized that in creating an imaginary world where I am perfect, omnipotent and overachieving, I am  in turn creating more needs for myself that must be met.

What I love about this is that I can wrap my mind around it.

The next time my chest is tight and my mind is whirling, I can ask myself, “What do you need from this?”

It will be a way of stopping my continual contest. I can breathe.  I may not need to keep my hips rotating to keep the hoop from falling.  I can step out of the field of competition.

At least from there I can better judge what I need.

The Student

Originally posted on My Life Class February 22, 2012

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