I Need Sunshine!

After a few days of lovely weather we are back to rain.  I understand that we need moisture.  I get that we didn’t have a hard winter.  Okay!  Okay!

Luckily for me, my friend, Kath, at My Funny Little Life offered me a ray of sunshine a

couple of weeks ago.  I’m claiming it now.  I can only assume that I have brightened her day as she has brightened many of mine.

There are some questions posed with this award.  I’m not good at direct questions, or perhaps I should say I’m not good at giving answers. (I’m a Gemini.)  But here goes…

Favorite Color:

You see, this is an immediate problem.  For my kitchen walls…yellow.  For my clothing…turquoise.  For at least one wall in my house…green (in honor of my Dad’s wife).  For my car…grey, because I like to blend in when I’m driving.

Favorite Animal:

To have seen one time in real life…a cougar with its grace and power.  To emulate… dogs because they love unconditionally.  Again, to emulate…cats because they are independent and move through the world in their individual style.  (I’m allergic to dogs and cats so I must love from a distance.)

Favorite Number:

Who knows?  Who cares?  Bazillion? (Maybe if I had been an athlete I would have developed one from the back of a uni.)

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink:

Ice cold water.  GOOD coffee (must be from Dutch Bros. or I make it in my own espresso machine or French press). Or Lotus green tea.

My Passion:

If I knew the clear answer to this I would know what to do every day.  This has changed many times in my life and I don’t always drop one passion when I pick up another.  In no particular order…writing, reading, cooking, travel, family…learning languages (but not well or completely…that Gemini thing again).

Giving or Getting Presents:


Favorite Pattern:

Solids.  (Does that count?)

Favorite Day of the Week:

???  A day in which I have few commitments.

Favorite Flower:

Pick a flower: Bougainvillea (sp?), Daffodils, Daphne, Red Poppies, Roses, Violets, Lupines, Geraniums, Hardy Geraniums, Asters, or any flower that is grand and showy or which groups together with its mates to become grand and showy.

And now, of course, it is time to tell you about other blogs and bloggers who spread sunshine in my life.

I’m a bit into photo blogs lately, so I must add a few of those.  And, of course, I can’t get enough of self-improvement and philosophical discussions, so I am quick to add those.  Some blogs just make me laugh, and even if these bloggers are not prolific, I may add them to the list to encourage them to write more often.  Travel blogs are fun, too.

It’s hard to choose favorites and so I will just be random.

Daily Practice


Pixel Bloggen

Far Away in the Sunshine

Slow Happy Runner

Back on My Own

Year Struck

It Builds Character

(Love) Notes to Self

Ooops!  Have I gotten carried away?  Cheers to all.  This has certainly made my day!



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