In the blogging community, the love is passed from writer to writer.  This time I’m thanking  Jeannette Monahan,  whose blogs I enjoy reading at a couple of different sites:  A View from the Middle   and  J.M.Monohan.  A couple of weeks ago she presented me with the Awesome Blog Content award.  I’m so grateful for this but for some reason I couldn’t just accept the award, follow the rules, and move on.

As a typical result of my convoluted mental processes…I began thinking.

The ABC’s,  hmm.  I remember the song.  I sang it and taught it to my children and grandchildren.  “Now I know my abc’s, tell me what you think of me.”  (Imagine simple music in the background.)

I tried to go through the alphabet as the rules request. It’s just that some of the letters didn’t mean anything to me.  No real words came to mind; except maybe a few trick ones from Words with Friends and Hanging with Friends.  As when they pop up in the game, those words don’t seem quite fair and are certainly not illuminating.

I played with the letters and came up with mundane lead lines:

Always Blogging Consistently.

Anyone Can Blog

Alternative Blog Content

Contented As(s) Blogger

That seemed a dead-end, so I philosophized  about blog content.  After all, does acceptance of an award constitute awesome content?  And I did a little mental retrospective of my blog beginnings.

After my first few posts I contacted my family and my friends.  Shyly and a bit proudly, I let them know that I had ventured into cyberspace in order to chronicle my thoughts about being a mother and grandmother…a sister…a wife…a daughter…a friend.

(Sometimes I regret having broadcast my intent.  After all, when people I actually know are listening, I speak differently. I self-censor and must constantly guard against my propensity to play to the crowd.   But I remind myself of I my original intent.  Of course, I needed to share this venture with those I love.)

It hasn’t take long for me to learn to blather on about myself, my life, things that thrill me, frighten me, irk me.  It all falls into the category of content.  Since I’ve never had a lot of feedback  I just let my thoughts cohere, pour into the computer keys, and bubble up as a blog post.

There is a purpose to all of this.   Maybe it is to let you know that if I can come up with awesome content…anyone can.  If something matters to you or I, it matters to someone else as well.

The ABC’s of blogging?

Arrive on the internet.

Begin to write.

Continue as long as you have something to say that matters to you.

There are many bloggers who write and make a difference to me.  They say things in a way that touches me.  Or they gather information that I need on a consistent basis.  Some transcribe my life without knowing who I am.

Now that’s AWESOME!

The Tongue Untied

Doin’ the Grateful Dance

Becoming a Healthier You

Love Isn’t Enough

Things I Want to Tell My Mother

Finding Life in Death

Vision and Verb

It Builds Character

I’m sorry that I can’t list everyone I love.  (And that I’m perhaps too repetitive!)

Thanks again, JM.



  1. So beautifully said. And – I have to agree.
    And – may I add – to simply relax and to breathe??? Love your ABC’s!!!!


  2. That’s the most wonderful blogging ABC! 😀

    I can relate very much to what you say about this awkward situation of interacting with real life people who read my blog. I’ve sometimes thought about taking my blog down completely or settng it on private mode, particularly since I wondered whether it might be disadvantageous with regard to professional things (work etc). But then I though, “Sheesh, it’s me, and it’s okay.” I think you can tell from my blog that I’m not a dysfunctional person anymore, but healthy and often even happy these days, and I don’t want to run away from my past. I think when others see that you’ve gone through a lot of hard times and grew through that personally, it’s much more impressive than somebody who apparently doesn’t have any flaws (although of course he has, because everybody has). And I got a lot o positive feedback from real life persons, and found such lovely people through my blog. So the blog is still there and will remain there. I’ve restricted its visibility on my Facebook profile (not everybody has to see what I’m doing, right? ;)), but if somebody I know in real life finds it incidentially, I don’t mind a lot anymore.


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