Identity Crisis on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day K Pilkerton
Courtesy of KPilkerton on Photobucket

Mother’s Day is coming. (Shallow breathing …rapid heart rate…a small twist in the stomach.)

None of this anxiety has to do with Mother’s Day.  It has to do with holidays and commitment and trying to live to my purpose.  All of my followers know that my mission for this blog has morphed a bit through the years.  At first it was simply to write letters to my children.  Then, I realized that it was a platform in which to leave a legacy of my thoughts, feelings and experiences for my children.

Finally, I began to understand that my desires were fairly universal and that people from all over the globe were interested in help for writing letters to their children.  Because of background statistics that I receive, I know how many people are searching for some sort of jump start.

Especially on holidays.

So, I’m searching for the words to post two “Mother’s Day” letters that are generic enough and yet heartfelt enough to be of help.  (Thus the self-imposed stress.)

But it’s all coming along.  One letter will be written to children and one will be written to mothers.  I’ll be posting them early to help all of you who need a template so check back in the next few days.

Maybe I’ll even write one of my own on Mother’s Day.  We’ll see.



  1. I’m also very happy that your blog has developed during the years. So has mine (which was just about food in the beginning), when I realized I wanted it to be more more personal. It *still* is about food (sometimes), and yours still is about letters. Like the one you wrote today, and which I’m going to read now. 😀


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