Life is a Beach

I am looking out at the beach far below.  I see my friend struggling to get her kite into the air.

There are five of us here together for my birthday celebration.  A getaway.  A retreat for women who enjoy each other’s company.

Of all of us,  I think she enjoys it the most.  She’s a California girl.  She grew up with sunny beaches and  warm sand.  She is drawn to sea.  It calls to her and she responds.  Yesterday as the rest of us sat on the deck overlooking the ocean we suddenly realized she had been gone too long.  Grabbing our windbreakers we began the search.  We soon  found her.  She had fallen asleep in protected area below the cliffs, nestled into the sun-bathed sand with her feet buried in it.

Watching her today I am overwhelmed with memories of the last years since she was diagnosed with breast cancer. (To  read about it click here.)  The visits with her to the doctor’s office seem like long ago and like yesterday. The visual of her in the oncology ward with a drip in her arm is vivid.

The chemotherapy left her with severe neuropathy and she was determined to overcome it.  We floated together  in a warm pool – doing our friend therapy as much as soaking her feet.  We worked together in her garden, her on a stool and carefully moving between the rows.  A year ago she was still using a cane.

But she’s a fighter.

And here she is.  I am overflowing with the  joy of watching her stumping around the driftwood and tide pools. 

She’s is up and down these stairs.  She is clambering over the logs and rocks to get to the surf.  She is alive.  She is well.

I am thankful.



  1. Belated birthday greetings Mother. You know, it is a strange phenomenon here. Women go off on trips like you have just done and enjoy themselves thoroughly. Men somehow do not seem to be able to do that except when it is just two or three at the maximum. I have known golfing holidays that resulted in almost murderous assaults!


    • Haha, Ramana. I don’t think men and women are much different in the fact that they disagree. They just act out in different ways. Luckily my friends are tolerant and kind at heart. We seem to get secluded when anything becomes too much. (BTW…it isn’t quite my birthday yet, so thanks for the greeting. I’m celebrating the entire month of May as a lead-in.)


  2. I have truly enjoyed this post. Thank you for sharing of yourself here, and this example of great friendship. Your commenter ‘rummuser’ made me laugh, and then your reply did as well. And celebrating your birthday for the month of May is a lead-in to your actual birthday is awesome! What a terrific idea. Birthday wishes in advance! 🙂


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