…on Graduating

Dear Child of My Heart

You are moving on.

I see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice when you talk of the your school, your classmates, your teachers… That is your past.  You are looking to your future.

You are a bit hesitant.  There is teensy bit of sadness at the leave-taking of your childhood.  And then, a shift as you once again glimpse the winding path ahead and are exhilarated with the mystery of what lies before you.

Momentarily and intermittently you reach out to us as we watch you.  Our presence at this milestone in your life is important and yet ancillary.  We are the observers.  We have fully participated in the moments leading up to this and now you are stretching at this gentle cocoon that has been your life.  Mentally and emotionally you are reaching past the loving parents and mentors of your youth and reaching for the distance.

I glory in your confidence and support you in your trepidation.  My joy in your new beginning is coupled with my memories of each step in my own journey.  I am filled with an overwhelming swell of anticipation.

Learn more.  Love more.  Live more.

And remember that I am here for you.  When you need the loving arms of your history as a touchstone, I am ready for you.  I will always hear you.  I will always see you.

Go, baby, go.  ¡Vaya con Dios¡



    • Thanks, your words mean a lot to me. BTW, I read your “ambition” post. I never accomplished such things but I will say that whatever I have visioned and and set out to do…it has come to fruition (except maybe to me slim:). I was labeled at a very young age as “not living up to potential”. I’m not sure they knew what my potential was? As I look now at my children and grandchildren I only hope that they understand their core worth and that they are a part of a great universe. All else will follow. Don’t you think?


  1. This is *exactly* how I feel about graduating!! Study-wise, I’ll hopefully graduate by the end of the year, and start a PhD. My parents have always been there for me and gave me their support. They believe in me (probably more than I do myself), and they want me to be well, and to do what makes me feel well. I’m infinitely thankful for that!!!


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