ADD Meditation

I wrote this observation and subsequent intention many years ago.

“I speak without thinking and say things that require backing down or apologizing.  I move without planning – getting myself committed to things I don’t want to do and bruising myself on whatever door I left open (dishwasher?) in order to dash to my next tsetse fly moment.

“Yet, because of my particular problems with ADD, I have put on my calendar a reminder to meditate each morning. Otherwise I might just jump into some days without thought. Meditation doesn’t always quiet my mind, but it quiets my body for a little.  I have set aside (on said calendar) 20 minutes to step into silence and stillness.”

As I scroll through past drafts and read my unfinished thoughts, sometimes I am puzzled.  Where was I going?  What was my point? On this one I am laughing.

In my early 30s I began Transcendental Meditation. What a gift!  I have learned many methods thru the years and for at least 25 years I have been true to my intention to meditate at least once a day.  I needn’t look at my calendar to remind me.

Yet I still sometimes speak (and often move) without thinking.

But what the heck… for thirty minutes or more each day, I’m not hurting anyone.

Life Student

Originally posted at My Life Class, August 23, 2012


  1. I too started my meditation with TM in 1977 but seven years later got hooked to Vipassana and have stayed with it since then. Thirty minutes every day of TM is wonderful.


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