Stuffed Animals are Stuff (to me)

If my house is an expression of who I am, hmm…  There are a few things that really miss the mark or at the very least are sadly outdated. Am I the only one who ends up with shrines to something that is long-gone  if it was ever important at all?

I have a basket full of stuffed animals that sits at the foot of the trundle bed in the guest bedroom.

Okay, I’m a grandmother; but my youngest grandchild is 11 and I’ve never once seen him run to the basket when he visits.

And I’m not that kind of person to sleep among the animals, real or personified.  Even as a child I don’t think I ever snuggled up to a piece of cloth  unless it was my sister’s nightgown with her in it.  And yet I have two rooms* in my house that would make one think that I am trapped forever in a childhood I can’t remember.

Stuffed Animals in a Basket
These have been around longer than many of my friends!

I have walked by this particular basket hundreds of time.  At least twenty times in the last 3 or 4 years I have stopped to consider this heap of supposed joy and wondered, “What’s up with that?”

Several times I have taken a couple of the sweet, lifeless beasts and transported them the local child abuse task force.  (They give like-new stuffed animals to children as comfort.)

I have always retained a few for some sentimental reason.  Oooh, there’s the monkey that my middle grandson (or was it the third granddaughter?) wanted and couldn’t afford so I bought it for them to sleep with it when they visited.  And there is the bear that a friend gave me when my niece was killed.  It was a wonderful gesture twenty-two years ago. (I remember my niece in countless other ways.)

I have forgotten the provenance of the rest, so what’s the rationale?  That a child may visit who will want to play with these because all other toys are gone from our house?

Goodbye relics.

Basket and clothespinsI’ll use this wonderful basket to transport clothing to and from my new European clothesline.

Fold-out clothesline
This folds out for use and then stores against the fence. Cool!

I’ll put it on top of the dryer with the clothespins and be ready for action.

I’ve always loved to fold washing into neat piles.  It’s brings a little order into my self-created chaotic life.

That’s who I am.


*More on the Teddy Bears later.


  1. “My poison for bringing order into my life is to wash dishes.  My son Ranjan calls it occupation therapy.  This was one of the many areas of friction between me and my late father who insisted that I should leave the dishes in the sink for the help to wash.  I just could not stand the idea.

    Another thing that I do is to iron my clothes before I wear them, even clothes received from the laundry to remove the folding creases.”


  2. There’s something about stuffed animals. Even in college in the women’s dorm, if you walked down the halls (especially during finals) you’d see all kind of stuffed animals…some sitting by the open doors holding signs saying things like, “Will hug for food.”


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