The Power of WE

Blog Action DayBlog Action Day is an annual even when bloggers all over the world are asked to blog on a particular subject; this year it’s The Power of We. Sounds fun to participate!  So here goes…

We is an inclusive pronoun. Until it becomes exclusive. In my random thoughts, it is sometimes difficult to separate the differences.

Since our country is nearing the boiling point in the caldron of election year politics, polarization is rampant.  It is easy to separate “we” from “they”.  And so will we use our elective power for good?  After all…

We know.

Do we know that there are as many truths as there are people? Do we know the issues as well as we could? Do we know the facts behind media hype?

We care.

Do we care about people who seem different to us and than us? Who disagree with us?  Whose values are diametrically opposed to our own? Do we care about the outcome as a whole or how it affects us?

We have.

Do we have enough to share?  Do we have understanding? Do we have a reason beyond partisanship to vote for our choices in this election?

We love.

Do we love unconditionally?  Do we love the unlovable?  Do we love the people in our country as well as our country as a nation? Do we love others as ourselves?  Do we even love ourselves? Do we love our freedom to vote enough to get out and vote?

What do you think?  I’m just wondering…



  1. Excellent. What a beautiful word WE is. Every line of this post reach out to inspire and to challenge me to live beyond myself, my kin, my community. my country. “The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens” ~ Baha’u’llah. Thank you. Thank you. Sharon


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