I’m thankful for…

Dear Children:

What a lovely life I have.  I never had this expectation: of you, your partners and your children.  When you were young, I was busy wondering what to do and how to do it.  Then as you grew older, I watched in fascination and delight as your lives unfolded.

There have been some bad times when I pissed you off, you worried me and vice versa. I acknowledge having been a buttinsky and not having been a perfect mother.  But I couldn’t be happier.  From the oldest to the youngest and everyone in between (can there possibly be 17 of you?), I love you and cherish you.

What more could I want?  Okay,  I want a husband who is the father of my children and who is steady as a rock.  I want a man who knows my history, who has a kind heart, and is sentimental.  Bingo!  Got that.

I want the rest of my sisters and beloved in-laws to live forever and my stepmother to live as long as she is happy. So far so good.

I want friends who are with me through thick and thin, who shore me up and settle me down.  I want friends who know my worst and love me anyway.  I  want a warm circle of nurturing that makes me feel as if I am on a comfy couch with a fire in the fireplace. Yes!

FaceBook has even provided me with daily updates on my nieces and nephews…including greats and grands…

I have it all.  I have you all.  I’m thankful.



  1. After visits to three big cities to visit family and friends who I had not visited in over a decade, I realised how much I have to be grateful for. I was wrapped up in a great deal of love and affection and fussed over and spoilt by people for no reason other than just wanting to do so. I too am blessed. Thank you for pointing me to that way of thinking.


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