…to My Husband When I Die

To My Dear Husband,

I think you know how important you are to me. Yet I’m happy to to say it in words one last time. When you read this, I will have passed from this physical plane. And my love will live on in you.

My heart attack gave me a second chance. It made me realize that life is fleeting and our breath can leave us in an instant. And so I began to more consciously count my blessings.

To you, dear husband, I owe my best years. Our life together has been rich and full. You have helped me grow. You have loved me, supported me and cherished me. I treasure our years together and leave you knowing that we have done well; in loving, in living and in raising our wonderful family.

In a way we have raised each other, too, haven’t we? We married so young and allowed each other room to grow. It would have been hard to imagine on our first anniversary that we would have 50 of them. I certainly didn’t even think of it.

Fifty years have gone by in a flash. And still I feel I have known and loved you forever. Well, I guess in the scheme of my life, it has almost been forever.

What a blessing to me that you have shared my history. You know where I began and have been with me all the way. I wouldn’t have lived so joyously with anyone but you.

We will be together again. I believe we will meet in heaven. Our love is eternal.

Thank you for all you have been in my life.



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