Your Daughter’s Life

My Dear Friend,

I called yesterday to do what friends do; to be available, to listen, to speak if necessary, and hopefully to comfort.

You comforted me. You weren’t trying. You were being yourself. You were sharing.

I am comforted to know that the two of you are holding each other up with the soothing normality of your days right now. You are reading. You are talking. You are remembering every good thing in your daughter’s life and are able to knit the memories together to cover yourselves in a blanket of warmth and love.

I’m proud of your strength in creating a ceremony of her life that will include those who remember her well and knew her when she was well. You will be surrounded by stories of her sweet childhood. The talk will be of her amazing intellect and time as a scholar, and her excitement in following her chosen career. Brothers, family friends, lifelong friends; all will smile, cry, laugh and remember together.

You’ll be reminded of the times when she was so successful and so loving that she wanted to share it with you. Of your trips together. Of your pride and joy in her accomplishments and independence.

You will re-live together the best times of her life.

That is comforting.


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