Learning from You

Dear Granddaughter,

You are such a joy to me. Each time we visit I feel enriched by our time together. The pleasure we gain from our conversations on profound issues is a rare gift, isn’t it?

On our last visit I learned a great lesson from you. In my continuing fascination with expectations I loved your take on “expecting” others to understand our experiences. You are so right that many of the occurrences in our lives that have the strongest impact are personal. We must own them, cherish them, or perhaps work our way through them – and realize that they don’t always translate for the understanding of others, even those who love us.

I have mulled this over and over in the ensuing days. How often am I looking outward for validation for my feelings and help in synthesizing occurrences in my life that can only be comprehended within the framework of personal experience? In the rare instance when I might receive a sense of true understanding, it is more likely due to compassion and empathy than to shared insight.

It’s all good though, isn’t it?

When we really need to feel heard and are looking for a bit of positive feedback, it is a treasure to have loved ones who care enough to listen soulfully and mirror back our hopes, fears, and struggles. I think the key is again found in keeping our expectations in line with reality.

You have reminded me to value the friendship and love behind the listening rather than looking for the lack of understanding. I will keep trying to value my own lessons and have gratitude for my own growth without thinking that others must recognize the changes as I inch along the lifelong path of learning.

Thank you for being my teacher, dear granddaughter.





  1. “…..“expecting” others to understand our experiences”. Brilliant! And if she is just as old as one of my grand daughters/sons, I am amazed at the wisdom shown at that age.


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