…on Living with Suicide

My Dear Friends,

As parents we want to believe that there is always something  we can do to help our children. If we could do… or if we could have done…

This propensity for making ourselves responsible is a heavy burden on our best days. On this worst day I wish I could lift this burden from you. I cannot ease your grief but I want you know how much I admire you both.

I have been with you since the beginning of this untimely and disastrous end. You have shared your heart and your day-to-day suffering.

Please believe that you did everything that you could possibly do. You left no stone unturned. There was no love withheld, no money refused, no request denied; until finally there was nothing left for you to give except your assurance of love. You always gave that.

You did not cause her death. You did not contribute to her decision by any move that you made or any word that you said or left unsaid.

You prayed. You paid. You worried. You cried. You supported. You studied. You learned. You listened. You loved. You cherished. You did your best and beyond.

The decision was hers.

As heartbreaking and shattering as that decision was, it was hers to make and she made it without you.

I weep for you and for your daughter, knowing that there is nothing that I can do but be here when you need me. I hope that you will allow that as you are ready.

Thinking of you,


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