Fall is Coming

Photo by Ken Billington ( http://focusingonwildlife.com/news/)

I wakened this morning to the sound of geese calling as they flew over the house. It’s a sure sign that summer is breathing its last and autumn is on it’s way.

I have felt it in the air. The weather has been unseasonably hot, and still there is just a touch on the cheek or a sniff of something that has let me know that time is moving along. Does cut grass smell different in September? Maybe it’s the hush in the background left by all of the children who are now in school.

After all of these years fall feels like a beginning for me. It is a return to structure. I put things in order. I get my ducks (geese are impossible) in a row and my garden weeded in preparation.

For what?

For the glory of living in the moment with riotous color and the remembered scent of leaves burning.

For the long winter of reading and curling up by the fire.

For a feeling of solitude as the early darkness waits for the lights of Christmas.

And for the coming spring…my other favorite season.

Oh, wait! I don’t want to hurry past this moment. I want to enjoy every moment of leaves making their slow descent form the trees. I can’t rush through the last of the wonderful tomatoes, pumpkins being carved and the family gathering around a huge table of food and fellowship.

But still…I heard the geese.



  1. One season ends for you at the same time as one ends for us. We are at the tail end of our monsoon, my favourite season, and after a month or so of festive season when we will see some major festivals, our winter will start, That will be my second favourite season and this year, I expect it to be very eventful with visiting house guests and I too going out of town on visits,


    • What wonderful things for looking forward. We have just ended our season of music festivals although I plan to catch a couple of events when I visit Arizona next month. (It will still be quite warm there.)
      In some ways, Ramana, I hesitate to name a favorite…I am just so happy to be alive. What does a season matter after all. Still, I love some times of year in special ways.


  2. Such a touching and poetic post. I adore autumn and your writing here really pulled my heartstrings. Thank you so much for sharing. Blessings, Gina


  3. I love autumn and am happy it’s finally there! Summer always seems to be so superficial to me, while autumn is introvert and substancial. Most people around me just lament that summer is over now, but I’m very glad for it.


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