Giving Thanks

I’m thankful for you.

Even when you aren’t with me, you are an intregal part of my life. You are ensconced in each day as an ever-present cloud of comfort, lingering in my heart to pop forward with a memory, a phone call, a plan. Isn’t it funny? That you can do so much whether you are here or there?

I suppose it is the time and thought we have invested in each other. It’s the years of history. It’s the moments of rapport and the hours of camaraderie. It’s the disagreements and discussions, the sharing and the secrets. Bonds like ours cross miles and days and years without falling into the individual pieces of past relationships. They maintain their strength by the elasticity of love and caring.

No downside exists. You fill my days with joy. You provide a sense of connection and belonging. Loneliness can’t take hold when you are out there somewhere, reachable, touchable.

My heart smiles when I think of you. Thank you for being in my life.



  1. Dear Friend,
    How absolutely wonderful to be able to write such a letter in one’s life. It comes from a lifetime of having a life intertwine with ours. The years of shining smiles, tears, holding hands, scraped knees, heart to heart talks. Thank you for your big life of love! Sharon


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