I Like Beginnings

NOTE: This is my letter on New Year’s Day, 2012. Time to start adding to it, don’t you think?

Fireworks in Positano

Dear Family.

I’m not feeling sentimental.  I have no wise words for you on this momentous occasion of a new year in our lives.  I’m only grateful.

So I’m starting a list for the year.  This is on the fly and doesn’t scratch the surface of my wonderful life, but it’s a beginning that I’m gong to plump out as the year progresses.

I’m grateful that my basic needs are met and that I have the privilege of doing and having many of the things that bring excitement and joy to my life.  A warm and comfy bed.  A great kitchen.  Plentiful food.    A computer on my lap and on my desk.  A cell phone that can go where I go and a phone number for each of you entered in my contact list. 

I’m grateful that I live in a small town. A library within walking distance. 

I am grateful for the ability to travel.  Mexico, here I come.

I’m grateful that I have faith, family and friends to sustain me through my difficult hours.  I never feel abandoned or alone. There is always someone to listen.  And, with a bit of travel time, there is always a hug available.  I love and I am loved.

I am grateful for my health.  A life without constant pain and for the ability to be active.  I have my eyes, my ears, my fingers and my toes* (plus  all of the other necessary parts) and they all work fairly well considering their mileage.

Most of all I am grateful that we are alive and well at this moment.   You are each and all the greatest blessing in my life.  Ojalá, we are beginning another year in which we are healthy and whole in body and spirit.

My goal will be to add to and tweak this list all through the year.  I hope you will add to it.

Happy New Year!


* A song my mother sang to me as a child: “I’d rather have fingers than toes, I’d rather have eyes than a nose.  But as for my hair, I’m glad it’s all there, I’ll be awfully sad when it goes.”


  1. I’ve only been following your blog for a short time…but I’m grateful that I discovered it.
    I love your list…how wonderful to have such an open mind and open eyes to appreciate the things that many people take for granted. ::)
    May the New Year be joyous and healthy for you and your family!
    All the best,


  2. I like beginnings as well! The German author Hermann Hesse has written a very famous poem which says in one of its lines, “there’s magic in every beginning”.

    Happy 2014 to you and your family! 🙂


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