Giving Thanks Today

HomecomingThank you, dear friends, family and the Great Spirit.*

Our last week has been a roller coaster. I have thought of much to write, written some, posted nothing. The first thing I will do is let you all know that we are grateful that our daughter is alive.

Nine days ago she stepped off of a the last plane after 30 hours of travel. Knowing she could be contagious and not knowing with what illness, she sidestepped her family and collapsed into bed.

Twenty-four hours later she was in an emergency room. Exhausted and moving closer to despondency she wilted under the barrage of pokes, prods, tests and alarming results.  None of us, including the attending doctors, could be sure she would make it through pneumonia and septic shock. IMG_0248

Perhaps it was the moment her physician friend arrived and reassured her of her own strength. Perhaps it was the arrival of her teenage son. She rallied. After being transported from that first emergency room to the Intensive Care Unit of the regional medical center, she began to respond to the fluids and antibiotics.

As we (her family and close friends) camped out at the hospital, she worked her way back. It was several days before she was declared “out of the woods”. I’ve lost track of how many days were in ICU, IMCU and in a regular room. I know that exactly a week from when she first went to the ER, she was passing that hospital on her way to her own home. During that week she learned again how to breath on her own, eat, and walk.

I know that we have been spared an unutterable loss. In our extended family and in our close circle of friends there are those whose children are gone from us.  We share that grief as these same loved ones share our joy at this moment.

Perhaps I will personally share more of this journey. I don’t know. For now, I am living in gratitude.


*In the midst of our hard days, my brother-in-law invoked The Great Spirit, his higher power. By any name, I believe.


  1. Thanks be to God that your daughter is okay. What a harrowing time for her … for all of you. I am so glad that she rallied, what a strong woman.

    blessings to you and your family ~ maxi


  2. Whatever name indeed, thanks be to our Higher Power. What relief and gratitude must be washing over you! I celebrate with you at the recovery of your daughter!! 🙂
    Hugs, Gina


  3. What a blessing for all of you. I found myself holding my breath during your post.
    Our daughter was 25 when she had pre-eclampsia in the last weeks before delivering our granddaughter. She went from a healthy young pregnant woman to a new mother with a dissected artery and an aneurysm, and almost a month in the ICU. She was finally flown to Barrow Neurological Institute for an experimental stint that repaired both.
    There is no pain like having your child in danger and being unable to do anything but pray and wait. As one mother to another, I celebrate the healing with you.


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