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Do you like to laugh? Can you spare a few minutes for the rabbit hole? Have you never watched Kid Snippets*?

When my daughter introduced me to this series, I was instantly hooked.  I can watch some of them over and over and laugh each time.

What makes a favorite? There has to be a back story. Perhaps it began in my college days.

I was probably great college material but had no idea 1. that I was, 2. what I wanted to do with my life other than spend every waking minute with my high school sweetheart. But teachers were desperately needed in those days. I was offered a full-tuition plus books scholarship and began studying at our local college. I learned that 1. I was more of a cut-up than I had ever dreamed, 2. that it was a big wide world out there, 3. that I still (ultimately, after some horsing around) wanted to spend every waking moment with my high school sweetheart.

So I married after the first term. And I quit after the second.

My family was aghast. Even though it was a totally different time then, (young women were expected to be wives and mothers first), I’m sure all of the adults who sat in the congregation were shaking their heads and rolling their eyes at the folly of the two baby-faced children at the altar.

I had a rationale. I knew that if I were a teacher I would spend all of my attention (short) and patience (scant) on my students and have none left for my husband and children. At the time I spared no thought for the learning opportunities I had been (literally) granted.

Well, it’s all good. All learning is not done in academic institutions. For those experiences I missed being a college student I have vicariously enjoyed the experiences of my children and grandchildren. And I have been fully vindicated by a comedy routine instigated by children.

Watch my favorite “Kid Snippets” show. Watch the countenance of the “teacher”. Note the lack of ability to suffer fools. And be thankful that I never taught you or your children. Click on the photo…







And laugh….


*This is an incredibly funny series on YouTube in which children imagine scenes and talented adults act them out for our enjoyment.



  1. “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, Spring comes, and the grass grows, by itself.”
    ~ Matsuo Bashō.

    If we are honest with ourselves that is how we see our lives unfold. In retrospect we find the rationales for all that happened to us, but I have no doubts in my mind that things just happen and there are really no doers as we understand the term. So, like you, yet unlike you, my life unfolded in the opposite direction. I started to work after school and was not expected to amount to much. A series of developments got my a Bachelor’s Degree through distant learning and again through fortuitous circumstances, I got selected to a Premier Business School and the rest is history.

    But, one thing is for sure. I laughed my way through all that and I continue to laugh at life without any rhyme or reason. An inherited trait from our mother. My favourite genre in Indian movies is comedy!

    I don’t watch much TV or Youtube but see a lot of humour on DVD. And laugh indeed.


    • I love to laugh and at the same time am fairly intense. I would never find these wonderful YouTube post by myself because I wouldn’t have the patience to weed through them. I count on my kids and grandkids to send me into this particular abyss.


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